Artist Statement

Artist Statement | Robin Kay Cole
I create art to express the images and emotions I experience in everyday life.  To me, each painting represents the shape, color and texture of something I happen to be fascinated with at a particular point in time.   Personally, these paintings give me a way to express my passion for life, joy, creativity and curiosity about the things I see around me in southwest Colorado.

I work primarily in oil on canvas but I love to experiment with plaster, gold leaf paint, house paint and graphite.  I am fortunate to have a loving husband, skilled in the art of building frames and stretching canvas.  Each canvas frame is built with a 2″x2″ redwood frame then hand stretched with a medium weight cotton canvas.

Drawing is a passion of mine so most paintings begin with a sketch in paint or graphite.  Shapes and color emerge gradually.  For me, painting is about problem solving until I hit upon a visual combination that just feels right.  I really enjoy working with the tone, hue and saturation of color to find a visual sweet spot that makes a statement.

Robin Cole